Mass Texting Service™

Global Mass Texting & Ringless Voicemail Platform

Mass Texting Service™ is a global SMS messaging platform allowing businesses to stay in contact with their customers by sending text messages directly to their phones.

Mass Texting Service™ Helps Businesses Communicate

Connect with your entire audience in minutes by creating announcements, marketing alerts, and coupons. Create effective follow up campaigns while opening the communication channels for new and existing clients.

High Volume SMS Delivery via Local Phone Number

Mass Texting Service™ is capable of bulk sending SMS messages to many contacts using local phone numbers for the highest response rate.

Ease of Use

Our feature rich user interface is extremely easy to navigate and is suitable for all your text marketing needs.

Competitive Pricing

We offer plans starting at $75/month with the lowest rates on the market across 80 different countries.

Superior Text Marketing with 2000+ Integrations

Automate tedious processes with with Mass Texting Services Zapier Integration

Streamlining your day to day has never been easier utilizing Zap technology. Create action steps in your CRM, webform and more that trigger Mass Text Services to send a SMS message to your contacts.

Mass Texting Service™ Pricing Plans

Flexible Pricing Plans for Small to Large Businesses

United States

Messages will be deducted from your membership balance. Additional messages may be purchased in your portal and will deduct from your balance at the same message rate set by your membership. You only pay for successful deliveries.


9.9 ¢ Per Message
(Voicemail and SMS)


No Monthly Commitment
Fund Your Account
$ 50
Add More Anytime
Additional Messages
Per Message


2.9 ¢ Per Message
(Voicemail and SMS)


Monthly Recurring Subscription
Gives You
1,587 messages
Per Month
Additional Messages
Per Message


1.9 ¢ Per Message
(Voicemail and SMS)


Monthly Recurring Subscription
Gives You
11,628 messages
Per Month
Additional Messages
Per Message


1.7 ¢ Per Message
(Voicemail and SMS)


Monthly Recurring Subscription
Gives You
25,641 messages
Per Month
Additional Messages
Per Message


1.5 ¢ Per Message
(Voicemail and SMS)


Monthly Recurring Subscription
Gives You
57,143 messages
Per Month
Additional Messages
Per Message


1.4 ¢ Per Message
(Voicemail and SMS)


Monthly Recurring Subscription
Gives You
121,212 messages
Per Month
Additional Messages
Per Message


1.2 ¢ Per Message
(Voicemail and SMS)


Monthly Recurring Subscription
Gives You
275,862 messages
Per Month
Additional Messages
Per Message


as low as
$ 0.004 Per Message
(Rates Vary By Tier)

$ 100+

Minimum Monthly Commitment
Perfect For
High Volume
Bring Your Own
SIP Trunks

See why millions of businesses choose Mass Texting Service™!

Why Choose Mass Texting Service™?

Texting is the most effective way to get your message heard on mass scale while staying under budget. Start seeing results with in minutes of launching your first marketing campaign with mass texting service™.

Creating a Mass Texting Campaign is Easy

There are a few short stages involved in an SMS marketing campaign using Mass Texting Services. The process will include:

  • Uploading your contact lists
  • Creating the content for your messages
  • Specifying your delivery schedule
  • Reviewing the performance of the messages

Mass Texting Service™ Powerful Features

With our traditional voicemail drop, the RVM services that we provide are the most popular option. It’s a method of delivering audio messages straight to the phone. Instead, it simply appears as a missed call and will show the voicemail feature that is available on most devices nowadays.

Local Number Pooling

Dramatically increase the response rate to your bulk message campaign. Our number pooling feature is no additional cost and allows you to send texts from a local area code matching the recipients’ area code. We consistently monitor the health of our number pool and rotate in new local numbers as needed to keep your delivery rate as high as possible. Additionally, by using our number pool, you’re able to deliver text messages at a rate much faster than is traditionally allowed by sending from a single caller id.

Detailed Analytics

Track delivered messages, inbound texts, inbound calls, and which carriers are blocking your message so you have all the data needed to make effective business decisions.

Conversational Threads (Inbox)

Create engaging SMS conversations with your customers. Respond on a one-to-one basis or create canned messages for common topics so you may make sure you’re meeting each client's personal needs.

Drip Delivery

Schedule sms deliveries on a drip to ensure your sales team is not overwhelmed and you don’t exceed the hourly limit imposed on long-code phone numbers which could unfairly cause your messages to be flagged as spam.. Drip rates may be adjusted up and down with your needs.

Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

Some customers will call you in response to your message or you may want to direct customers to call an automated voice recording. Look professional by creating inbound call routing systems with unlimited extensions, voicemail and more.

SMS Forwarding

Allow you customers to respond to your bulk SMS campaign by texting your phone directly without giving out your phone number. With our Mass Texting Service™, you can send from our local pool of phone numbers and route all responses to your phone or any other outside number able to receive SMS.

See why millions of businesses choose Straight To Voicemail™!

Call Forwarding

Let your customers call your phone directly without exposing your phone number. Forward incoming calls received from your text campaigns to a phone number of your choice such as a mobile or desk line.

Bulk Contact Uploads

Integrate our service with your CRM or lead gen software. We use universally supported CSV format for importing millions of contacts from your system into ours. We handle the complexities of international number formats and conversion.

Global Delivery

You do business in multiple countries. So do we. We deliver to 80+ countries, visit our pricing section for more details.

SMS Autoresponder

Create automatic text responses triggered by keywords for frequent questions related to your business. Send automated responses to specific phrases or topics that your customers frequently ask.

MMS Messaging

Send rich content including pictures and video. Send and receive MMS messaging within Mass Texting Service™.


Add SMS to your CRM and sales workflows. Automatically trigger SMS with over 2000+ Integrations.


Mass Texting Services offers a open API capable of handling high volume sending of SMS and Ringless Voicemail messages.

Take advantage of this cost effective form of communication today, mass texting service™ offers a huge amount of tools to ensure your texting campaigns are successful including a lead generation tool you can add directly to your email campaigns and websites for clients to opt in.

Collectively there are 56 billion text messages sent every month with a 98% open rate. Business SMS communication allows your recipients to respond on their own time without the annoyance and pressure of a telemarketer.

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See why millions of businesses choose Mass Texting Service™